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Thinking about the future also means taking responsibility today. Our entire team is committed to a sustainable development approach on a daily basis, both through our projects and through our daily practices. Beyond the labels, it is a strong conviction shared by all of us.


Creating green spaces on our offices (20% of the total surface area) in order to relax and participate in the development of biodiversity, sorting waste, aiming for 100% organic, fighting against psychosocial risks, training our employees, offering them stability, or encouraging sports and sustainable practices, are daily and essential actions for us.


We seek to create a coherent, ethical and sustainable ecosystem with our partners and clients: such as taking into consideration the reuse of materials, raising their awareness of the importance of S&R policy, and offering them examples of concrete actions that are consistent with our commitments. Our initial and constant motivation since the creation of HAUTEUR LIBRE, is collective emulation, enrichment through the others and the sharing of a human vein dear to our associates, our customers and our partners.


Our commitment is also solidarity. We therefore support one or more associations each year.






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