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Finally, our driving force is solidarity. Hauteur Libre supports six community projects:

  • FRANCE LYMPHOME ESPOIR which aims to fight against lymphoma, to bring information and to support those affected.

  • ROSE MAGAZINE, dedicated to women affected by cancer and their entourage. Its goal is to provide qualified information to get through hard times in the best possible way..

  • ASSOCIATION LAURETTE FUGAIN which aims to fight against leukemia.

  • TOUT LE MONDE CONTRE LE CANCER, improves everyday life of people affected by cancer, their families and caretakers.

  • LES PETITS FRÈRES DES PAUVRES, fights against isolation and loneliness of eldery people, firstly the most deprived and powerless.

  • COMME LES AUTRES, ensures the continuity of the reconstruction path of medullary injured people by accompanying them getting back to “regular” life, in their general remobilization : physical, mental, social and professional.


Our first and constant driving strengths, since the creation of HAUTEUR LIBRE, is collective emulation, the enrichment thought the Other and the sharing of human connection, dear to our employees, clients and partners.


Our pleasure is also to generate a positive and meaningful dynamic to seek together innovation, to liberate talents through work environment, to defend a pioneer spirit, a certain audacity in the methodologies and the solutions ; to open our fields of view, to think about the future with you and for you.


To think about the future also means to empower ourselves today. Our entire team is daily involved in a sustainable development approach, both through projects including HQE and BREEAM standards and through our daily operations with the use of organic and recyclable products. Beyond labels, there is a strong conviction shared by each one of us.

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